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Hi pleasure to meet you! I'm Wanda Strickfaden, Co-Founder and Head of Services at Improve Credit Consulting Firm

Wanda Strickfaden's Bio:

In 2001, I had found that I was a victim of identity theft, which effected my credit score. After being denied for the good credit that I needed for a my future home I finally found out why. My personal information was being used by someone else. This really made my life a living nighmare. 


  I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to restore my credit and found it is not easy. Soon after I found others who were going through the same experience I had and offered my assistance. Embassed enough though I was a mortgage banker at the time. 


Although my problem was solved, I found lawyers and other companies charging upfront fees for the services. Some were even keeping individuals, who had the means to buy a home, enrolled in some cheap program collecting money every month and doing nothing, on top of that being openly neglectful to real quality customer service.


Sadly enough these companies still exist charging low fees and providing little education to help give individuals the power to help themselves. Even with all the free e-books and other propaganda on google. People still need the real truth and updated information about how the credit scoring system works for our current year.


 Don't misunderstand me as a mortgage lender, I just needed a team to help my clients get better credit scores to get qualified then close on the loans. Mortgage lenders and real estate agents really do need much more help providing excellent customer service. I have fit with hundreds of partnerships and loyal associates, and have a successful track record.


I've teamed up with many powerful companies to help me reach those, truly ready to buy a home but need help with their credit profiles. My team and I decided that we were going to help change the industry by not charging upfront fees. Our new technology coming out soon will enable us to do this with the help of venture capitalists.  


 Wanda Strickfaden's Experience:

 Wanda Strickfaden has 13+ yrs experience knowing credit from the ground up and how it has changed over the last few years. She has helped many frustrated colleagues and businesses expand through confidential non-disclosure partnerships with her. Wanda has a no-nonsense approach to doing not only credit building but also credit repair and credit maintenance. With all of the lawyer credit scams in operation today Wanda's team has shown to be a shining example of how to do it right the first time with a high success ratio among her clients.

 Wanda Strickfaden’s Press Bio:

  •  Named One of Top Financial Experts of Credit Restoration in the USA. (WBTV-Charlotte Channel 3 News)
  • Named Radio Show Host of the Year 2012 "The Improve Credit and Finance Show" WGIV 103.3 Fm (Charlotte Radio Awards)
  • Named 1 out 10 Certified Credit Experts for Credit Card 
  • Reached $20 million in combined customer savings on Mortgages, Car loans, and business credit funding.

 Client Testimonial:

"I had a great experience working with Improve Credit Consulting Firm. Wanda was able to educate me along the way and keep me informed of what was happening with my financial profile. I appreciated her focused attention on my specific needs. This is especially important for me at this point in time because I am in the process of buying and operating a nationally recognized franchise. Wanda was able to help me improve my credit score in a very professional manner and I would recommend her to my friends and family."


  • Dwayne Harper Retired Pro-Football Player


Wanda Strickfaden's Experience:

Wanda Strickfaden's Education:

Wanda Strickfaden's Interests & Activities:

Interested in eating healthy and exercising, maintaining a great family and personal growth. Working on new books to give coaching to help friendly clients achieve excellent results.

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